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Even more people having a really bad day… (20 Pics)

We’ve all had days that we would hardly describe as our “finest.”  Over the weekend, I, myself, managed to get escorted out of a very posh club by two very large bouncers after falling asleep on a couch. That’s right, they dragged me out like a criminal for not being good at partying… I should have known better and not gone to that party in the first place, because they’re right – I’m not.  (But I’m great at Netflix!)

Even if you’re at the top of your game right now, just remember — EVEN THE MIGHTY FALL!  That being said, I’m not entirely sure any of these 20 people and animals were exactly “mighty” before having what can only be described as NOT THEIR BEST DAY…

Not sure if socially awkward 3rd grader or King Henry VIII post-wife-executing….


When inbred is a good look on you… :/


Only two more letters and he would have died with dignity.


Behold!  A real-life NEVER NUDE!  The virgin is strong in this one.


I’d be exhausted, too, if I had to TRAVEL BACK THROUGH THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF TIME…


My butt hurts after watching this for three minutes straight.


This is why department stores shouldn’t be allowed to put nipples on their mannequins or play Barry White while people are shopping.


Playing some hard defense.


Not being tall enough to read the parking signs IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT READING THE PARKING SIGNS. That’ll be 14years allowance, kid.




No words can describe the horror and absolute joy I am simultaneously experiencing right now.


This kid is going places!!! Just not college.


The real question is did he park here before or after the chalk was drawn?  Both…


This is my excuse for not doing Yoga/any exercise ever.


And when we say “Fresh to Your Door,” we mean FRESH TO YOUR DOOR, BITCH!!


Why else would you create a statue in this position?  This is modern art, PEOPLE.  (But it’s still not the statue’s best day because even with a clean shave you know he’s not getting laid unless a tornado comes through town…BAHAHAHA.  Yeah, it wasn’t that funny to me, either.)


This was the man making VERY important choices for the state of California for YEARS. [Thumbs-Up Intensifies]


“I smelled pizza.”


That is not your sister-in-law’s hip.  And this may be the shortest wedding I’ve ever been to.


I am not down with this.

If these made you laugh, be sure to check out “Not Your Best Day,” a new original series about the misfortunes and bad choices of a very awkward girl!

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