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24 Creepy Vintage Disneyland Photos

1) Why do the pigs look shifty?


3) Don’t listen to his evil secrets, child.

4) … giant faces. They are giant, walking faces.

5) NOPE.

6) As it turns out… giant, naked pigs are frightening.

7) This is what Disney crime scene photos look like.

8) Did their faces NEED to be nightmarish and ceramic?

9) I wish someone would save Alice from Mickey…

10) The Mad Hatter is mad. Very, very mad.

11) Someone needs to explain the bloodshot, murderous eyes.

12) Eeyore’s walk of shame.

13) Who’s scarier, Tick Tock or Peter Pan?

14) Pinocchio can see into your soul. And will eat it.

15) They aren’t blushing, their cheeks are covered in blood.

16) P.S., this giant bug wants to eat your babies.

17) It’s the giant hole in Baloo’s neck that’s the creepy part.

18) Giant pigs are NOT adorable. Are NOT.

19) Noooooooo! Why aren’t those kids afraid?!

20) I’m not so sure he is looking that innocent…

21) Giant, stoned animals aren’t child-friendly.

22) This just keeps getting worse.

23) That stare…

24) I’ve never been so frightened of Winnie The Pooh.

Bizarre Medical Remedies & Cures From The Past


Not for acupuncture but for eye surgery. In the middle ages the needle was used to shove cataracts to the back of eye.

Hot iron

Also during the middle ages, if you got hemorrhoids then you could expect to have a hot iron pushed up your rectum.


Thought to cure head related issues like migraines, people would have holes drilled into their skulls to relieve pressure on the brain.


In some parts of medieval Europe doctors were legally required to consult a patients horoscope before making a diagnosis.


For various reasons, during the middle ages excess blood in the body was seen as the cause of numerous ailments. Many people would even use leeches recreationally just because they thought it would keep them healthy.

Honey coated cadavers

According to some sources there were elderly men in Arabia that would eat nothing but honey until they died. They were then buried in honey and left in a tomb for over a century after which they were ready for consumption by people with various ailments.

Snail juice

Perhaps not quite as disturbing as our last remedy, people in the 1700s quite often used smashed snails to cure coughs and ear aches.


Although today it is known as one of the most addictive substances on Earth, scientists at the beginning of the 20th century for some reason thought it was a non-addictive form of morphine. Therefore, Bayer actually produced heroin as a cough suppressant for children. Not surprisingly production ended shortly thereafter.


Like trepanation, lobotomies were performed by drilling a hole into the head, at least until psychiatrist Walter Freeman realized that an icepick through the eye socket was faster. Thankfully, with the advent of effective antipsychotics in the 60s, this procedure fell out of favor.


In spite of the fact that it kills 3 million people per year, it apparently raises your body temperature enough to kill the bacteria that cause syphilis. Dr. Julius Wagner-Jauregg even won the Nobel prize in 1927 for the discovery. Not surprisingly this treatment is no longer used today.

Crystal Meth

Hitler’s doctors are possibly the most famous example’s of using this treatment. As Hitler was a known hypochondriac they would often inject him with all sorts of medications, including meth. Go figure.

Vin Mariani

In the mid 1800s Italian chemist Angelo Mariani came out with a “healing tonic” that consisted of red wine and cocoa leaves. The tonic became very popular (for those of you that don’t know, coca leaves contain cocaine). Which leads us to our next entry…


Inspired by Vin Mariani, Coca-Cola (made from coca-leaves and cola nuts) was also originally intended to be a medicine. Colonel John Pemberton, the inventor, claimed that it could cure headaches, morphine addiction, and impotence.

Tongue Cutting

If you stuttered in the 1800s you could expect the doctor to cut off half of your tongue. Not surprisingly many patients bled to death.


Basically the medieval word for enemas, people would often put all sorts of things into their rectum hoping for a magical cure. However, to give credit where credit is due, they did use it to cure constipation, which is still done today.

Powder of Sympathy

In the 17th century Sir Kenelm Digby came out with a special powder consisting of pig’s brains, mummified corpses, and earthworms. It was usually applied to battle wounds.

Urine for diagnosis

In medieval times doctors would often diagnose the patient by smelling, examining, and even tasting the patient’s urine.

Urine as an antiseptic

Yup, it had multiple uses, and this one was often the treatment of choice on the battlefield. Interestingly enough, urine was in all likelihood the most sterile substance available in such a scenario.

Snake oil

It hasn’t always been synonymous with quack medicine. The ancient Chinese often used it to cure joint pain.


Although these days its relatively well known as a poison, in the past it has been used as everything from a cosmetic (Victorian women) to a cure for Malaria (Fowler’s Solution).

Moldy Bread

As far back as ancient Egypt it was used as a disinfectant. This may not be all that strange, however, as many fungi are known to have bacteria inhibiting properties. Penicillin?

Dead Mouse Paste

The ancient Egyptians used mashed mice to cure their toothaches.

Half a mouse

Not to be outdone, in Elizabethan England people would cut mice in half and apply them to their warts.

Sheep livers

In Mesopotamia people were diagnosed with diseases by examining the livers of sacrificed sheep.


In the middle ages, people were convinced that the black death was caused by smelly odors. The prevailing view of the day was that “like cures like” so many physicians encouraged people to fart in jars and then open the jars when the plaque came to town.

Source: List25

20 Ingenious Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean Your House…

1) Destroy Water Rings.

Soak up excess moisture with a towel, then blast it with a hair dryer while still damp, and they should disappear.

2) Two-Step Foreman Grill Cleaner.

Cleaning a Foreman can be super tough. When you’re done cooking, unplug it, and press a couple of damp paper towels between the lid and the surface. The leftover heat will steam clean the grill. Wipe it dry with another paper towel and you’re done.

3) Sponge Sanitzer.

As an alternative, you can run it through the dishwasher.

4) Pet Hair Squeegee.

Clean up your dog’s fur (even what you don’t see) by running a squeegee over the carpet. You’ll be shocked at what you find.

5) Quick-Dry Wet Shoes and Gloves.

Use crumbled newspaper for a super quick dryer. Don’t like to kill trees? A sachet of plain uncooked rice works too.

6) Grease Stain Fixer.

Never worry about destroying your clothes with grease again. Cover the stains with white chalk, wait a few minutes and then wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth.

7) Microfiber Couch Miracle.

Spruce up your couch by first using a spray bottle to cover it with rubbing alcohol. Next, use a clean white sponge to rub the couch and fluff the fibers with a hard bristle brush when done.

8) Clean a Coffee or Spice Grinder.

Scrub these hard to clean gadgets by grinding 1 tablespoon baking soda to clean, and wipe them thoroughly. You’ll be amazed at the effect.

9) Overnight Oven Cleaner.

Put a bowl filled with 1/2 cup of ammonia into a completely cold oven. Leave overnight and wipe clean the next day.

10) Dryer Sheet Cleaners.

You can use dryer sheets to clean anything from TV’s to bookshelves. Plus, the anti-cling effect will stick around and repeal dirt in the future.

11) Carpet Stain Lifter.

Take a mixture of two parts water, one part vinegar, and spray on the stain. Lay a damp rag over the top, and iron it. The result? BOOM.

12) Onion Grill Cleaner.

Grab half a white onion and rub it across the grate of the hot grill using a fork. This will clean the grate, and even leave flavor for next time.

13) Blender Cleaner.

Fill a blender with warm water and a drop of dish soap, then turn it on and blend for a few seconds. Dump, rinse with clean water, and dry.

14) Vacuum Up Vomit.

Combine baking soda and water into a paste and spread over the vomit. Let it sit overnight and then you’ll be able to vacuum it all up the next day.

15) Broken Glass Catcher.

Stop picking up small glass shards with your bare hands. Press a piece of white bread all over the area to pick up even the tiniest pieces.

16) Ceiling Fan Cleaner.

Throw an old pillowcase around the fan blades and wipe from within. It should keep all the dust inside and be wayyy easy.

17) Revitalize Leather Furniture.

Buff worn leather furniture with shoe polish. Scrapes and scuffs will disappear.

18) Dishwasher Deep Cleaner.

Clean your dishwasher by running it on the highest temperature with a cup of vinegar on the top shelf. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom and run it again. Now it’s CLEAN.

19) Clean Your Mattress.

Pour vodka into a spray bottle, spritz lightly across your mattress and leave it to air-dry. The alcohol will kill the odor causing bacteria.

20) Bathtub Ring Remover.

Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle it (and the tub) with salt. Now use the fruit as a scrubber and those rings will fade away.

Sources: Viralnova, Distractify

You Know You’re An Overprotective Pet Parent When…

You’re sure to check the ingredients of every new food you buy.

That includes the treats that they love so much.

And you know the weight of your pet right down to the pound.

Any deviation and you alter their diets accordingly.

You know, by heart, what human foods to never give your pet.

And if you own any plants, you’ve had to find ones that are pet-friendly.

Some, as you may or may not know, are toxic, such as this English ivy.

No matter how tightly your home is locked up, you’ll imagine some scenario in which your pet escapes.

Not to mention the countless other things that could go wrong when you leave them alone.

You’ve definitely had to fortify your furniture with stylish-looking coverings.

Clearly, going on vacation isn’t even an option unless you can take your pet with you.

But if you absolutely MUST leave your pet at home, you leave them with a most trusted friend.

Who is completely sick of answering your calls every time you check in, which is all the time.

You have the closest emergency vet on speed dial.

And for the tiniest scratch, you’ve been to the regular vet AT LEAST once.

You have zero regrets about it.

As a result, you and your veterinarian are on a first-name basis.

There are more animal toys lying around your home than, say, anything else at all.

You probably have a toothbrush…FOR YOUR PET

Flickr: morton / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: morton
Flickr: morton / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: morton

And a literal library of pet care books and manuals.

If your pet sleeps anywhere but right next to you at night, you worry that something might be amiss…

In reality they’re like, “Lemme breathe, damn.”

. …even if they’re sleeping in that expensive new bed you bought just for them.

You spend more money on grooming your pet than you do on yourself.

If you don’t, you’ve learned to groom them yourself, from hair care to nail clipping.

You sit at work thinking ONLY about how much your pet must be missing you right now.

And of course, how much you’re missing them.

So give it up for all those overprotective pet parents making the world a safer place for pets everywhere.

Source: Buzzfeed

13 Real Haunted Houses That Are Actually For Sale

John Brown was a famous abolitionist and was hung in Charles Town, WV in 1859. One of his captors bought the land around where Brown was hung and was kind enough on it to build a mansion there. Needless to say, its super-duper-racist-haunted, guys. It can be yours for just for $1,200,00.

Ma Barker’s House is the infamous hideout for gangsters such as Al Capone. After the longest shootout in FBI history took place, Ma Barker is still said to haunt the estate and you can buy this gangsters paradise for just $1,000,000.

This house is the location of the Janet Leigh murder in the movie Psycho. It is a beautiful house that includes a pool and a small strings section that plays repeating discordant chords every time you open the shower. That’ll be $3,950,000, please.

The haunted Hinsdale house features a rustic, “kill- you-in-the-woodshed” kinda vibe and pictures taken here often include “shadow people” that you didn’t know were there. It can all be yours for $289,000.

The Hampton Lillibridge house in Savannah has had plenty of paranormal incidents, including apparitions of men in bathrobes and children’s voices whispering in the walls. The owners say that they’ve recently painted the house a ‘faint blue’ because that particular shade of blue wards off ‘spirits’. If that’s good enough for you, this house is available for just $2,800,000.

Hauntrepreneurs is a hilariously named company that specializes in making haunted house attractions. The mobile ‘Frightmare Package’ (again, hilarious) comes with a full spooky house, lighting, fog machines and it’s just $130,000.

The infamous Amityville Horror House house that was the basis of 11 scary movies in which families are terrorized by paranormal entities is once again for sale! You can buy the house in which Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed six members of his family for just a measly $950,000. Keep the happy tradition going!

The Sowden House was once the home to George Hill Hodel, one of the prime suspects of the Black Dahlia murder. Not sold? Hodel’s son wrote a book claiming his father most definitely killed Elizabeth Short somewhere in the house. You can buy that room and a window that looks like a shark face for just $4,888,000.

The Schweppe Estate is priced at a paltry $12,000,000 but its real selling point is that Charles Scweppe killed himself here and there is a mysterious “ghost window” that for unknown reasons remains clean. The ghosts probably keep it that way so they can see your shining faces on open house day!

Lizzie Borden was a woman who in 1892 was tried for axe-murdering her father and step-mother. She was eventually acquitted, so feel free to purchase the home where she laid her head for only $650,000. There’s also apparently a Lizzie Borden-themed bed and breakfast in the area that sounds like a real hoot.

This $15,000,000 home is for sale too. There have been reports of alien spacecraft visiting the house up in the hills of Los Angeles, where it is also apparently on an Indian burial ground. Not to mention, in its abandonment the house has become the home of Satanists and drug addicts. So, yeah, kind of a fixer-upper.

The Kreishcher Mansion in Staten Island is supposedly haunted by Lady Kreishcer who is still mourning her husband Edwin (who shot himself in the head). The Kreischer family once paid their butler to kill a business associate as well. Be a part of that history for just $2,499,000.

In the Zillow ad the owners pitch this old Victorian home as “slightly haunted” but it’s “no big deal.” As in “Well, the neighbor found a human skull in the basement once and ghostly faces of the past appear in the mirrors. No big deal!” You can get it for $169,285 or rent it out for $650 a month.

Source: Viralnova