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18 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong


1. You’re Doing It Wrong: The BLT


The Right Way to Make a BLT:

Basketweave that bacon.

2. You’re Doing It Wrong: Boiling Eggs

The Right Way to Boil Eggs:

Add one teaspoon of baking soda. It’ll make the shell come off effortlessly.

3. How NOT to Eat a Cupcake:

The right way to eat a cupcake:

Make a cupcake sandwich. Equal frosting to cake ratio in every bite.

4. You’re Doing It Wrong: Bobby Pins

The bobby pins are constantly sliding out of your hair and coming loose.

The Right Way to Insert a Bobby Pin:

5. You’re Doing It Wrong: Nail Polish

iStockphoto / Getty Images

How to Properly Apply Nail Polish:

6. The Wrong Way to Make Cookies in the Summer:

Everything gets even hotter with the oven on.

The right way:

Best car air freshener ever.

7. How You Normally Fold a Fitted Sheet:

The Right Way:

8. You’re Doing It Wrong: Cleaning the Blender

You reach your sponge down, accidentally cut yourself on one of the blades, and start bleeding everywhere.

The Right Way:

9. You’re Doing It Wrong: Eating a Popsicle

You’re a slob. You’re only human.

The Right Way: Use a Cupcake Wrapper

10. If This Is Your Dresser, You’re Doing It Wrong

The Right Way to Fold Clothes

File folded clothes to save space.

11. You’re Doing It Wrong: Squeezing Lemons

The Right Way: Use a Pair of Tongs

You’ll get much more juice out. Another tip: microwave for a few seconds. It’ll make the lemon softer and more squeezable.

12. You’re Doing It Wrong: Stale Ass Chips

The Right Way: Master the Origami Bag Fold

13. You’re Doing It Wrong: Peeling a Potato with a Peeler

You are wasting so much valuable potato!

The Right Way:

After boiling the potato, put into cold water for 5 minutes. Twist the potato skin off with your hands — it should come right off.

14. You’re Doing It Wrong: Living Through the Pain of New Shoes

The Right Way: Break In Your Shoes In Under Five Minutes

Put on a thick pair of socks and then put on your shoes. Aim a hairdryer at the shoes, concentrating on the tighter spots. Wiggle your toes and feet around. Keep them on while they cool.

Remove the socks and test out shoes. They should be stretched out, but if not, just repeat the process.

15. The PB&J: You’re Doing It Wrong

You haven’t quite mastered how not to get jelly all over yourself.

You have no excuse.

The Right Way to Make PB&J: The Pocket Method

16. You’re Doing It Wrong: Cutting Cherry Tomatoes One by One

As if you had all the goddamn time in the world to spend on a stupid salad.

The Right Way: Sandwich the Tomatoes Between Two Plastic Lids and Slice Across

You, Eating Pomegranates: WRONG!

The Right Way to Get Those Pomegranate Seeds Out Intact:

Cut the pomegranate in half, submerge in cold water, and extract the seeds from under the water. They’ll release effortlessly from the papery membrane and sink to the bottom of the bowl.

17. How You Normally Eat Tic Tacs:

An entire container of these dainty little candies, consumed in one sitting, like a heathen.

The Right Way:

The Tic Tac dispenser is specifically engineered to allot ONE AT A TIME.

18. The Wrong Way to Enjoy a Bag of Chips:

HAHA you actually use your hands to hold the bag??

Alas, There Is a Right Way:

Roll up the bottom to create a snack bowl. You can now serve chips at parties without having to dirty yet another bowl.

18. You’re Doing It Wrong: Smashing Beer Cans on Your Head

The Proper Way to Crush a Can on Your Head:

Use your fingers to begin the process of the crushing. Get the full directions here.

Or, if you’re not a fratboy…

You could crush a can the civilized way.

Source:  newslinq

26 Things That 90s Kids Will Never Get Over

1. When Britney and Justin broke up.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

2. When your gel pens ran out of gel.

Via Flickr: free-stock / Creative Commons

3. When the vacuum swallowed your Polly Pockets.


4. When Mufasa died.

Walt Disney Studios

5. When people ruined these by pointing out the sexual innuendoes.

6. When this happened to your favorite VHS.

7. When NSYNC stopped making music.

Brenda Chase, Hulton Archive / Via Getty Images

8. When school lunches changed and became more “healthy.”

Think Stock

9. When you tried Sun In and your hair didn’t look at all like what it was supposed to.

10. The entire second VHS tape of Titanic.

Via Flickr: 93222379@N04 / Creative Commons

11. When your friends had a cell phone like this and you were still calling people on your landline.

Via Flickr: slpunk99 / Creative Commons

12. When you got your braces’ rubber band colors changed only to find out that someone else had the EXACT SAME COLORS.

13. When someone already had the AOL Instant Messenger screen name you wanted.


14. Just Furbies in general.

15. When your teacher caught you passing notes and forced you to read it out loud to the class.

16. When people had 3D Doritos for lunch and you had lame Lay’s.

17. When your hacky sack got a hole in it and the filling slowly started to leak out all over the place.

Via Flickr: cdslug / Creative Commons

18. When your NeoPet were dying of hunger…for months.

19. When you showed your friends this cool trick and they ALREADY knew about it.

20. When you bit into your candy necklace and tasted the string.

Via Flickr: kenstein / Creative Commons

21. When everyone had a pair of these except for you.

Via Flickr: 10651509@N08 / Creative Commons

22. When your floppy disk ran out of space.

Via Flickr: lisovy / Creative Commons

23. When you bit into your Ring Pop and the whole thing shattered and forced you to eat it all at once.

Via Flickr: alyssafilmmaker / Creative Commons

24. When you gave your classmate a quarter for a colorful Elmer’s Glue bookmark and they never gave you one.

25. When it came time to buy school supplies and the store was out of the Lisa Frank folder you wanted.

Lisa Frank, Inc. / Via

26. And the absolute horror when your Beanie Baby’s tag got bent.

 Source: Buzzfeed

30 Super Creative Business Cards

 Here are 30 cleverly-designed business cards that are sure to make quite a first impression!

1. Cosmetic Surgeon Business Card

Advertising Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria

2. Yoga Trainer Business Cards

Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade

3. Cheese Grater Business Card

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil

4. Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card

Notice that the card has contact information on both sides.

5. Yoga Mat Business Card

A simple, yet very creative business card for Vancouver yoga center. The card rolls just like a yoga mat.

6. Fitness Trainer’s Tearable Business Card

Zohra Mouhetta helps you strip away your belly! (Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

7. Designer’s Seed Packet Business Card

Designed by Jamie Wieck

8. Circumciser’s Business Card

Advertising Agency: Agency: Healthy People by Grey, Istanbul, Turkey

9. Event Photographer’s Viewfinder Business Card

10. Dentist’s Cavity Business Card

Designed by Michael Häne & Remo Caminada

11. Stretchy Personal Trainer’s Business Card

If you want to see the text on this business card, you have to do a little stretching exercise.

12. Hair Dresser Business Cards

Designed by Igor Perkusic

13. Cigarette Filter Business Card

Advertising Agency: Bos, Toronto, Canada

14. Buy/Sell Investment Representative Business Cards

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada

15. Yoga Center Straw

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Shanghai, China

16. Sommelière Wineglass Business Card

Designed by Caserne

17. Your Own Personal Lego Agent

18. Picture Frame Business Card

Advertising Agency: Piko, Moldova

19. Stylish Transparency Business Card

Designed by Dario Monetini

20. Makeup Business Card

Advertising Agency: OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, Brazil

21. Toy Chair Business Card

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil

22. Miniature Plumber’s Plunger With Contact Information

23. Seed Packet Business Card

Advertising Agency: Struck, USA

24.Bike Multi-Tool Business Card

Designer: Rethink Canada

25. Classic Rock Theme Business Card

This groovy hair salon comb plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle as a musicbox comb. (Advertising Agency: Fabio Milito design, Roma, Italy)

26. Transformable Cargo Box Business Card

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil

27. Restaurant Salt Shaker Business Card

Designed by flux

28. Survival Training Dried Meat Business Card

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada

29. Tennis Business Card

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil

30. Grillable Business Card

Image credits:

Source: boredpanda