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Adorable Matching Portraits of Baby and Rescue Dog

Grace Chon, an LA-based lifestyle photographer specializing in animals, has created a beautiful series of images of her 10-month-old son Jasper and Zoey, their 7-year-old rescue dog.

 Zoey’s story in itself is quite amazing. She was born in front of a store in Taiwan and was nearly a goner when the store owner washed her and her siblings away into the gutter. Someone who saw the incident grabbed the puppies and took them home, along with their mother. After handing them over to an animal rescue team, Zoey was adopted by Chon in the U.S.

Source: boredpanda

Finding Out Her Dog Was Terminally Ill Was Beyond Devastating. So She Did THIS…

When loving dog owner Riina Cooke discovered that a beloved family member had bone cancer, she was devastated. It was Romeo, her 9 year-old boxer. The dog had been with her through thick and thin and Riina wanted to do something special for him in his final days. So, she compiled a special doggie Bucket List for him and helped him, created to make his dreams come true. She documented the entire thing, right up until his final days.

Thankfully, she and Romeo were able to complete it!

Source: dailymail,viralnova

17 Pun Dog Puns That Will Make Your Day

Newborn Lamb meets Pancake and Sugar Tree the Doberman

Trivia had her baby yesterday. The first lamb of the season! Because there was a lamb so shortly after the contest began (…), I’m going to go ahead and award a second winner as well for the second lamb of the season. All entries for the first lamb (aside for the winner) will now apply to the second born.

The baby is a purebred European Mouflon. Trivia’s baby last season is Echo, who I kept and is still with me:…

In this video I brought the new baby inside to look her over and introduced her to Sugar Tree and Pancake. She was very curious.

Source: youtube