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25 Compelling Photographs That Will Make You Want To Recycle More…

Plastic accounts for around 10 percent of the total waste we generate.

Plastics at a Japanese recycling facility.


The average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic per year.

A Chinese worker labors in front of a big pile of waste plastic bottles at a recycling station in Zhengzhou city, central Chinas Henan province, 2010.

A big portion of that is in the form of plastic bags.

“Plastic Bag Monster,” a public installation by Slovenian artist Miha Artnak.

The world consumes more than one million bags per minute.

The monster is made from 40,000 used plastic bags and 7,500 used plastic cups.

Its plastic-baggy tentacles stretched all throughout the capital city of Ljubljana.

Many of these plastic bags are used once, only to end up in the streets.


The average American consumes 500 plastic bags a year.

A man wearing 500 plastic bags.

And plastic bags are only part of the problem. We also throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year.

The Recycling Labyrinth–an art installation made from 8,000 plastic bottles and placed near UN building in Geneva, 2011.

That works out to about 1,500 plastic bottles per second.

Last year, MSLK Design hung 1,500 plastic water bottles strung together to visualize 1 second of US consumption (Governor’s Island, NYC).

If you think all that plastic waste just ends up in landfills, far away from where you live, think again.

Plastic waste being skimmed from the mouth of the Los Angeles River in Long Beach, California.

Plastic constitutes approximately 90 percent of all trash floating on the ocean’s surface, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile.

That enough to cover 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces.

Nariman Point, Mumbai (2007)

This floating plastic breaks down into such small segments that the pieces from just ONE liter bottle could end up on every mile of beach in the world.

On certain Hawaiian beaches, these plastic particles outnumber sand grains until you dig down about a foot.

All this microscopic plastic debris has given birth to a new type of rock: Plastiglomerate.

The rock is the result of melted plastic trash on beaches mixing with sediment, basaltic lava fragments and organic debris, such as shells.

Centuries from now, plastiglomerate is how our generation will be remembered in the geological record.


All that tiny plastic isn’t just bad news for humans, though.

Yamuna River in New Delhi.

One million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans.

Shark carcass on Kamilo Beach, Hawaii.

44 percent of all seabird species, 22 percent of cetaceans, all sea turtle species, and a growing list of fish species have been documented with plastic in or around their bodies.

A wild Australian Bowerbird with a milk bottle ring tightly wedged around its neck.

Laysan albatross fledging with neck caught in plastic coathanger.

Common hermit crab living in a plastic bottle cap.

Plastic bag suffocating coral.

The only way to end this madness is to seek out alternatives to the plastic items that you rely on.

Human sized bottles filled with bottles collected by one man, over the course of one year, on the beach at Point Reyes, California.

When absolutely necessary (or unavoidable) to use plastic, choose #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE). They’re the easiest to recycle.

Look around you. How much plastic waste do you see?

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17 Random Celebrity Facts You May Not Have Known

Bob Marley is half white. The famous reggae icons father was a white naval officer, a fact that Bob was always embarrassed of. Marley went the rest of his life hiding his biracial background and resenting his father for abandoning him.

Jerry Springer is a former mayor of Cincinnati. Springers time in politics included a prostitution scandal, which he actually gained another year in office for admitting to.

Woody Harrelson’s father was an assassin. Charles Voyde Harrelson, actor Woody Harrelsons estranged father, was a hitman convicted of killing a federal judge. Even more scandalous, he also claimed to have killed President John F. Kennedy.

Christopher Walken was a lion tamer. At the age of 15, Walken joined a travelling circus and trained as a lion tamer. As a cat-lover, Walken described the jobs appeal to his teenage self as too good to pass up.

Snoop Dogg produced a rap song by famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Unfortunately, it seems Aldrin and Snoop knew this project was a joke, as the video is more self-aware than ambitious, but that doesnt take away from the hilarity of hearing one of the first men on the moon saying I have only two passions: space exploration and hip hop.

Elvis Presley was a natural blond. Its hard to imagine the iconic rock star with anything other than his jet-black pompadour, but as a kid Elvis had golden blond locks.

Samuel L. Jackson once held Martin Luther King Jr.s dad hostage. When he was still a student at Morehouse College in 1969, Samuel L. Jackson joined a group of students holding the trustees hostage in order to demand reform in the curriculum and governance. One of these trustees was Martin Luther King Sr.

Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln. Although very distant, the Castaway star does share genes with our sixteenth president. We wont get into all the confusing specifics, but what it boils down to is that Hanks is President Lincolns third cousin, four generations removed.

Nicolas Cage got acting lessons from his pet octopus. Nicolas Cage has never been one for normalcy. Rather than hire an acting coach, the star opted to study the movements of his pet octopus.

Natalie Portman is a Harvard grad published in two scientific journals. Not only did she graduate from Harvard University with an A.B. in psychology in 2003, but two of her papers can be found published in scientific journals.

Famous sex therapist Dr. Ruth is a trained sniper. Despite her old age, Dr. Ruth has been dispensing frank sex advice since 1980, but even more shocking is that the 4′ 7″ therapist was trained as a sniper at the age of 16 as a part of an underground Jewish military organization. “Even today I can load a Sten automatic rifle in a single minute, blindfolded”, the 85-year-old boasts.

Dr. Seuss wrote “Green Eggs and Ham” using only 50 different words. Dr. Seuss produced one of his most popular works on a bet that he couldnt write a whole book in 50 or fewer words. Seuss won the bet by using only 50 different words in Green Eggs and Ham. The only word in the book that is more than one syllable is anywhere.

Sylvester Stallone got his start in porn. Before he was running up stairs in Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa was the brilliantly named Stud in the 1970s pornographic movie The Party at Kitty and Studs.

Simon Cowell was part of “The Shining” When he was younger, Cowell worked as a runner for various films, including Stanley Kubrick’s chilling classic.

Steve Buscemi was helping clean up New York after 911. Once a member of the New York Fire Department, it wasnt difficult for Buscemi to jump into action after 911 and help his old squad clean up the city and ensure everyones safety for a week. Buscemi even shirked all media coverage and publicity of his kind acts.

KeSha has an IQ of 140. You might not think the eternal party girl still has any brain cells left, but KeSha is actually only 5 IQ points shy of genius status.

Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling are pseudo-brothers. Because he was born in Canada, a young Ryan Gosling was unable to film as a part of The Mickey Mouse Club since he was still a minor. In order to get around this, Justin Timberlakes mom became Goslings legal guardian, and the two future superstars lived together for a while.

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