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Toilet Paper Rolls Are Not Useless After The Toilet Paper Is Gone!

Check these out!!

If your vacuum cleaner didn’t come with one of those fancy little attachments, no worries. Just use a toilet roll!

But wait. That’s not all. TP rolls have plenty of other uses…

Well, now I guess we’ve all got great reasons to start using toilet paper.

Source: reddit,viralnova

Adorable Matching Portraits of Baby and Rescue Dog

Grace Chon, an LA-based lifestyle photographer specializing in animals, has created a beautiful series of images of her 10-month-old son Jasper and Zoey, their 7-year-old rescue dog.

 Zoey’s story in itself is quite amazing. She was born in front of a store in Taiwan and was nearly a goner when the store owner washed her and her siblings away into the gutter. Someone who saw the incident grabbed the puppies and took them home, along with their mother. After handing them over to an animal rescue team, Zoey was adopted by Chon in the U.S.

Source: boredpanda